Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Midway-Midway-Attu, Day 0

Midway-Midway-Attu, Day 0
by Bob

The voyage from Hawaii to Midway to the Aleutians and beyond came about as a result of an idea a couple of years ago. We were
thinking about entering a sailboat race. The boat was in Key West at the time.

We found a race from St. Petersburg to Isla Mujeres, Mexico. We entered the race. Naturally, we were thrown out of the race. Another
boat broke a rudder and we towed them to Mexico, using our engine.

After our excellent performance in this boat race, we decided to enter another. This one was from Los Angeles to Hawaii. We sailed
the boat through the Panama Canal around to Los Angeles, and completed the Transpac race last summer without being disqualified!

We sailed around Hawaii for a year or so, and looked at our options. North, South, East, or West. We thought it would be pretty
interesting to see Midway Island. I had no idea what it was like, or what was involved. That was part of the attraction, I suppose.

Last December, I learned that in order for us to visit Midway Island this summer, we had to submit a multipage application for a
permit before the end of January. So I did. The application was posted online for public comment. I don't know whether anybody

March, April, and May rolled around. We still did not have our permit to visit Midway. As required, we installed an expensive
satellite tracker on our boat so the government can make sure we don't anywhere we're not supposed to. They said our permit was
orally approved, but we still had not received it.

We planned to leave on June 12. On June 9, we had our required inspections for alien species on the hull and equipment, and for rats
and mice. Still no permit.

Finally, on June 10, we got our permit! Mike showed up for grocery shopping. We acquired enough food and toilet paper for 5 people
to circle the earth 2.7 times. Melinda, Josh, and Cathy come on Thursday the 12th.

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