Saturday, July 19, 2008

7-19-2008 by Melinda the Captain

We're motoring! We left Adak, wiggled in and out of a narrow strait and are now headed to an anchorage spot by Umak Island. Mike finally walked the plank yesterday. We celebrated by keeping the entire boat below 60 degrees without any major disturbances throughout the day and night.

The night before we got into "town," we anchored in the Bay of Islands where everything was crystal clear, calm, and quiet… until Bob went hiking anyway. He made a few sea gulls noisy. Josh and I went for a sunset cruise in the dinghy and froze to death. It was wonderful. We continued with the marathon viewing of Star Trek after chicken noodle soup.

Adak had lots of fog, rain, empty houses, bald eagles, warning signs, questionable landfills and two grocery stores! We purchased eggs, lettuce, bananas, bread, pudding, tomatoes, and tasty soup. We've been feasting like kings and a queen.

Josh, Bob, and I went for a sunset tour of the island via rusty van last night. We found seismicity equipment and may have jumped. We also found a lot of bunkers and definitely jumped. Josh and I did a similar adventure today but got turned around by the government exploding unexploded ordnance. We called it a day once our laundry was finished and got to see mountain peaks for a split second on our way out.

Now I'm happy, showered, and about to hunker down into a nest of blankets for the night.

The end.

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