Sunday, July 20, 2008

Bobrof, Kanaga, Bay of Islands, 7/16/08, by Bob

We launched from Tanaga early, around noon. We stopped by

We stopped at Bobrof for a little while for some kayaking and dinghy riding. Bobrof is only 2-3 miles long. There is a big sea cave on the north end I kayaked into. It was pretty weird.

From Bobrof we headed along the north coast of Kanaga Island, then to the Bay of Islands on the west side of Adak. Crossing from Bobrof to Kanaga, we saw a pod of killer whales, or orcas. That was really cool.

Kanaga has a big volcano you can see from Adak on clear days, but our day was pretty cloudy.

We anchored for the night off North Island in the Bay of Islands around 11:00 p.m. Josh and Melinda took the dinghy out, and I went kayaking at midnight and climbed to the top of the island, an amazing feat with an elevation of 322 feet.

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