Saturday, July 05, 2008

Day 22 (Friday, July 4, 2008) by Mike

Sailing with Dummies (Hawaii to Alaska Edition)

Happy fourth! To celebrate I smoked a cigar in 54 degrees and wind.

We went fast today. I didn’t keep track but I suspect that we averaged more than 8 knots. We spent a lot of the day at 10 and 11 knots.

Temperature report:

Bedroom: 57 degrees

Upstairs: 65 degrees

Outside: 54 degrees

Daily Cuisine:

The day began with oatmeal for me. Josh made some zesty pasta for mid- afternoon eating.

Fishing Report:

When bringing the lines in for the night I noticed that one of the poles had all the line run out on it. That’s the closest we got to a fish today. There were lots of albatross following the fishing lures today.

Arts and Entertainment:

Today I played a Beethoven piano sonata. It’s a great way to stay warm.

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