Thursday, July 03, 2008

7/2/2008 by Melinda the Captain

Happy Birthday Steven!

I baked brownies this morning while Bob and Mike piddled in the engine room for 4ish hours. Something about a broken gear box, but the brownies are delicious. I've never seen Bob and Mike in an enclosed room at the same time for so long.

Now we are going FAST. Today was a shower-and-dry-hair-no-shave day. There's ~25 knots of wind outside. Our maximum speed was 18 knots which helped a lot in drying my hair. But… it's getting cooler. The waves seem to be between 9-12 feet, or approximately two Joshes. There are lots of neat white caps everywhere and some albatross.

Everyone has bonked into something at least 209,147 times already. Mike threw a temper tantrum and pizza on the floor. He's messy. Josh has been comatose for the majority of the day and I've been eating all day.

Yesterday people caught two fishies, mahi mahi. Josh sautéed them in butter, white wine, and lemon juice with garlic pepper and salt. Yummy. Apparently there was a 10 foot squid out on the trampoline that left a dirty mark last night. Bob and Mike are insane.

We broke out the jump-rope yesterday. It's been the most entertaining thing to watch during the entire trip so far. I sense a man overboard coming soon. Now there is a front outside our port side and it's making big waves.

The end.

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