Wednesday, July 09, 2008

7/8/2008 by Melinda the Captain Ver. 2.0

We made it! We had a full day at Agattu Island. We pulled up in dreary drenchy fog eating turkey sandwiches and left in a clear blue sky starving. I have a sunburn! The island was full of grass, moss, smooth rocks, a shipwreck, Glaucous-winged Gulls, Tufted Puffins and sea weed. We immediately went our separate ways once we touched shore: Mike in the kayak, Dad up the south side, Josh to the ship wreck, me to the north side.

It was really, really neat seeing nothing but rolling hills of grass and moss turning into teeny peaks of snow. It was sort of like Iceland, except less spongy and more birds. I expected bears too but they supposedly don't live there (just like there aren't any unexploded mines). I sat on top of the north side for a while, listening to waves and birds while eating Oreos, then the sun came out of no where and
clouds cleared.

I went beachcombing for some pretty rocks and succeeded while a Harbor Seal and Sea Otter stared at me. I saved a star fish's life too. There was an old ship wreck on the pretty-rock beach that seemed out of place. It was super duper rusty. We returned to the boat exhausted and Mike had a delicious supper already prepared. We ate a lot.

We left Agattu and could already see Attu in the distance. Dall's Porpoises came by just in time for sunset. ETA 3 hr 9 min.

The End.

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