Wednesday, July 09, 2008

7/8/2008 by Melinda the Captain

It's cold! Actually it warmed up for a degree this morning. The seas are comfy though. I did stretches and watched fog from the port bow while Bob poured diesel and Mike went bike-riding. What's strange is the ocean doesn't look blue anymore. It's black, most likely due to Bob throwing my coconut on the dinghy cusion, causing it (the coconut) to bounce into the water and cause a chemical reaction.

Then everyone sat and warmed up inside while Josh cooked shepherd's pie. It was delicious. We are out of canned tomatoes, but we have ketchup I guess. We are also out of "good" soup but I may be persnickety.

I showered and now I'm pretty cold. Josh did a lot of laundry and decorated the boat with his underpinnings. Yesterday we watched "On the Beach" twice. The first one was made in 1959, the second in 2003 or 2005. Everyone on the planet dies from radiation poisoning in the end. Moral of the movies: Stay in your submarine.

We also watched "1 Million Years BC" starring Raquel Welch and some cave mans (to lighten the mood). I lasted two minutes and went to bed and had extremely weird dreams.

The spinnaker is still up! Bob and Mike set it this morning with minor commotion similar to the scene in Monty Python when King Arthur and his buddies make a wooden rabbit in the woods.

[edit] The spinnaker has ripped! But it's okay because we have two more.

The End.

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