Thursday, July 03, 2008

A change of course? by Josh

10 days from Hawaii land was sighted to the North West and the crew, now aware of our dwindling supplies, decided to chance the reef in search of fresh food. To our surprise, this small spit of sand was inhabited and a welcoming committee came through shark infested waters to guide us ashore. Named Midway this atoll is a most marvelous place. Tame birds of many species cover every available local, even burrowing below the ground in many cases. Albatross glide overhead and huge Jacks swim the shallows. But alas, this place was not to be my salvation. It's inhabitants themselves were castaways and beachcombers hoping for safe passage home. More than half were from Siam and one can only wonder at the tales of travel they must retell over grog.

For several days we provisioned the Minnow before the order was made to put to sea. When the sails filled, Catherine, one of the most liked of the crew, was no where to be seen. She must have preferred her chances on the island and now, I too regret not making the same decision. We do not appear to be heading for Japan as I had hoped but much farther to the north. Each passing day sees the mercury drop and the seas rise. I can only imagine we are headed for the wilds of Bering and Stellar. My fate is no longer in the hands of the captain but also the deteriorating elements.

I hope my captors are aware of the consequences of their bold actions.

Please Inform my family of my situation, current good health and sound mind.

Joshua.J Newman

P.S Today we cooked the last of the cabbage. I fear the scurvy.

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