Monday, July 14, 2008

Day 31 (Sunday, July 13, 2008) by Mike

Sailing with Dummies (Hawaii to Alaska Edition)

It was Sunday the 13th. No doubt that famous day would bring bad luck for the Minnow. Sure enough, the boat sprung a leak. One of the connections to our saltwater pump was dripping water inside the living room behind the chair cushions. The repair took a few minutes. The cleanup was a chore.

We anchored at one island and it was too windy and wavy to go ashore without getting soaked. So we moved along to another island and parked in a small inlet. The wind was mostly blocked but it changed directions a lot. It was shallow and the boat was moving around a lot. Bob and I thought it would be good if one of us stayed on the boat to monitor the anchor.

The sun peaked out, Melinda and Josh took off in the dinghy, and Bob took off in a kayak. It sure was peaceful on the boat. I took the opportunity to clear the kitchen and cook a burger (see below). Eventually the fog returned and so did Bob. It started raining and I passed on the shore excursion.

Daily Cuisine:

Today I cooked the perfect cheeseburger. Probably it was just a normal cheeseburger, but it did taste perfect. Perhaps since it had been weeks since my last cheeseburger.

Arts and Entertainment:

When Bob and I were in Molokai visiting Uncle Meredith we talked about the dust bowl. He mentioned the book “The Worst Hard Times,” which is about the dust bowl, primarily in the Texas and Oklahoma panhandles. I finished it today. It was interesting material. Poorly written, but interesting.

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tricia said...

Wowee. There are lots of little earthquakes going on where you all are. Interesting.

Also interesting is that Timothy Egan (The Worst Hard Times) lives in Melinda's hometown. She should ring him up for coffee sometime.